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Watermelon Sugar Scrub

Klean Karma Soap Company

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Our Sugar Scrubs contain two sizes of organic cane sugar grains t exfoliate expired skin cells away. Our sugar scrubs can help to get rid of dry areas and leave your skin looking and feeling luxuriously smooth.

What's best? ***NO MESS***!!! Our unique Sugar Scrubs have a foaming property - they bubble and lather with water which means no clean-up project after treating yourself to a wonderful and luxurious spa experience at home.

And let's not forget, they lightly moisturize, too! What's more? ***Our Sugar Scrubs will rejuvenate your skin and keep it feeling healthy, smooth and soft.

To use: Scoop a small amount out of the container with your fingers. Using both hands, gently rub irritated, itchy, dry areas or all over for a full body exfoliation. Rinse and dry. Try and enjoy!